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Kinky Curly Curling Custard 

I must start off this review by saying I have my “Holy Grail” curling jelly which is the Camille Rose Naturals curling jelly, but I’m a product junkie who sometimes likes to try new products to see if a new or product I’ve never tried will work better than my HG. I was watching a review on YouTube by the Glamtwinz who have similar hair to mine, and they raved about the product and mentioned it works great in humidity which is was the selling point for me.

So I purchased the 8 oz. from Target for about $16.99 and used it with my leave in and styler and noticed that this product does have good slip and it makes my curls look very defined. I was able to wear my wash n go for four days which is cool, but my 3c hair tends to get/look dry and become less defined as the days go on.

The ingredient list is approved by me but I hate to say I think this product gave/caused me to have “product dandruff” and my scalp itched something terrible. I thought it was a fluke since I used about four products total in my hair and decided to give it a second try. To no avail I still have “product dandruff.” Because of this dandruff I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue to work with the product and “make it work,” or return it and stick to what I know.

I will update this post once I decide to use it again but for now I’m alternating between my As I Am curling jelly and the CRN.


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