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Design Essentials- Curlforming Custard w/ Honey & Chamomile

Design Ess. Honey

I’m not a big fan of Design Essentials particularly because their products don’t seem to be “natural” products and that’s what I care about, but I know a few folks (beauticians) who use it on their clients. So when I was gifted this product from a friend after visiting a natural hair show in Dallas, I was somewhat excited to try it. After all this product did receive the Naturally Curly’s 2016 Editor’s choice award.

The product does smell very good, it’s the consistency of a watery jelly, so if you were to hold it upside down it would slide right out of the jar. I tried using this product, while doing my usual wash & go, on the back of my hair closest to my neck and could tell it wasn’t happening right away. It gave no hold whatsoever. So, I continued to use my CRN curling jelly on the rest of my hair and saved the D.E. for my edges. It still did absolutely nothing for my edges either except leave me with a white bugary residue. I have pictures for evidence:


It’s hard to see it from this picture but if you look closely you will see white residue that wouldn’t go away even when I added more water and oil to the front of my hair. So in short this product by Design Essentials is a no go for me and I will not purchase anything in the future from them.


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