Lush Hair Doctor


Lush cosmetics have definitely been a god send. Every product that I’ve tried by them thus far has worked exceptionally which is why after reading the product description and reviews of this product, I thought that I would fall in love. I’ve been looking for a good scalp exfoliating cleanser that wouldn’t sud, but would rid my hair of  the product build up, dandruff, and other irritations. I followed the directions and applied the product to my scalp and felt the cool tingle from the peppermint. I didn’t distribute the product to the rest of my hair, just because it was fairly thick and I just wanted to concentrate on the health of my scalp. After the first few uses, I think it helped balance my scalp, but it didn’t get rid of this rash that I have around the front of my hair line, which I was hoping it would.  Because of that and the fact that it doesn’t have a long shelf life and it needs to be refrigerated, I will not be purchasing this product again. This product feels like a cool chocolate mousse and must be refrigerated. It does not have a long shelf life and lasts for  less than two weeks which is unfortunate because I’m not even half way through mine and it expires tomorrow. I’m going to continue using it until the jar is empty so I can get my monies worth, and who knows, by then it may actually start working. Below is a description of the product taken from


Fresh from the fridge, Hair Doctor is our deep-cleansing herbal hair treatment that specializes in soothing troubled scalps and nursing hair back to health. Bursting with fresh peppermint oil, Hair Doctor treats the scalp to a tingly, revitalizing sensation as the deep-cleansing fuller’s earth gets to work lifting oils and buildup from the hair and scalp. We mix in super hydrating coconut oil and sweet almond oil to soften hair, and voila…You’re left with a beautifully shiny, voluminous mane.

Thanks Doc!


  • Too fresh to handle: Hair Doctor is so fresh it’s only available in-store, so visit your local shop to pick up a pot (no prescription required)!
  • Gentle bedside manner: We use chamomile oil in Hair Doctor to soothe sore, sensitive scalps.
  • Sea what we did there?: Irish moss seaweed extract hydrates and softens hair, leaving it gorgeously glossy.


Are you into scalp cleansers? If so, which are you using?

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