Philosophy Lip Scrub


Yesterday, I noticed that I had extremely chaffed lips. As soon as I got home from work I dug through my drawers to look for a lip scrub and I came across this scrub from philosophy that I bought a few years ago. Yeah I know it’s a little gross that I’m using a product that’s so old, but funny thing is it seemed to be in the same condition now as it was when I first bought it. In other words it still sucks. I never really liked this product but I hung onto it because I wanted to like it.

To start, it comes in a tube. Not so bad right? Wrong. Being in a tube is what contributes to the difficulty of using this product. I believe that while in the tube the product separates so when you go to use it a bunch of oil comes out before you even get any of the sugar or salt. Next, it smells and tastes terrible! It has this peppermint scent that’s totally overwhelming and it’s so hard to rinse out of your mouth. It makes you never want to use it again.

This is tragedy considering how much I love Philosophy products and use them regularly. Hopefully someone from the brand will read this and start working on ways to improve the product.

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