Matrix Exquisite Oil



I purchased the Matrix Exquisite Oil in hopes of it keeping my straightened hair under control. I guess you can say I was looking for a serum like product to help control frizz, provide shine, and protect against humidity. Needless to say, it did all the above and more. This replenishing treatment is a versatile serum infused with Moringa, Macadamia, and Argan oils. This ultimate potion gives hair instant sheen, nourishment and control. Matrix Exquisite Oil is also a multi-use product that can be used as a traditional serum, or like the directions say; use it before shampooing, during conditioning, while styling, or overnight as a treatment. I found that this product absorbed into my hair as opposed to just sitting on top which is always a plus.

Another good thing that I should mention about this product is that on the ingredients list, the Moringa, Macadamia, and Argan oils are all listed towards the beginning which is a plus because ingredients are always listed in proportional order with highest quantities at the top of the list. So I felt good knowing I was getting my monies worth.


What are some of your favorite brands of serums?


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