Beauty Confessions

Gel nail pedicure

I got a pedicure a few weeks back and decided to live on the wild side, so instead of doing my usual regular nail polish that would start to chip away after four days of wear, I decided to go for the shellac on my toes. This is the best solution for a person like me who #1 is on a budget, #2 doesn’t like the up keep and the worry of her pedicure not lasting, and #3 loves a high shine.

The shellac polish is more time consuming and pricier than regular polish but it has such a great payoff. That being said unlike most polish that gets painted on your toes, this polish stayed on for weeks and weeks. It made my nails look so good they could have been artificial and stayed on so long that people thought I had acrylic on my toe nails. When it starting to grow out it would look like I needed a fill because it doesn’t really chip away like normal polish, instead it kind of peeled off like a plastic shell.

When it was time for a new pedicure I reluctantly went in and let them scrape away at what was left of the shellac. As good as the polish looks it wasn’t worth the abuse my toe nails suffered. #1 I don’t get acrylic nails because I hate the probing, scraping, and filing #2 I hate the way my real nail ends up looking underneath. It’s always unhealthier and weaker than before I had the shellac/acrylic #3 moisture/fungus always finds its way in.

That being said, as much as I love the way gel nail polishes make your nails look, I will not be requesting that service anytime soon. Not until they can create a less harsh product that doesn’t require ruining your natural nail underneath.

Have you ever had any pedicure experiences that you thought were going to enhance your toes but ended up causing more harm?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Confessions

  1. Kenya says:

    Yeah it is harsh on your nails. I think that they should come with gel nails for toes, like your hands. It gives you a healthy look and last so long.

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