Shisheido Blot Paper



As you should know by now, I was blessed with combination/oily skin which requires a lot of mirror checking to ensure that my makeup is still in tact and hasn’t slipped off from all of the natural oil my skin produces. I’ve been blotting my face for years. I started out using blot films that I would get from Sally’s years ago. I can’t remember the name but they got the job done. Then my favorite go to were the brown napkins from Taco Bell!!! They absorbed so much oil without taking off your makeup and they were free!!! Now that I’m older and more experienced with beauty products, I’ve been using the blot papers by Mac Cosmetics which work awesomely! However, this review is about Shisheido Oil Control Blotting Paper which I received a few months ago in one of my Birchbox samples and I just now started using them due to the hot sweaty summer months.

For starters I loved the slim packing which makes it easy to slip in your back pocket or in your purse and I liked the baby blue color of the blotting sheets. Other than that I wasn’t too thrilled about the product. To me it wasn’t any different than using a piece of paper from the printer at work. I wanted to like it but it has nothing on Mac.


What are your favorite go to blotting papers?


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