Beauty Confessions


Today I thought I’d share my first beauty confession with you all. It’s been some time since I’ve went in for hair removal mainly due to conflicting schedules none the less I am in need of help from a professional because this is one area that do not recommend for d.i.y. if you don’t know what I’m referring to, I am referring to a technique called “sugaring.” It’s very similar to waxing although it hurts more than waxing  its supposed to allow your hair to grow back even slower and finer and with the sugaring method it grabs shorter hairs which is a plus. It is an ancient technique.

I will say that when I was getting it regularly done, I noticed such an improvement. I had less ingrown hairs and overall I felt better about my body.

As soon as my schedule changed and I wasn’t able to be seen as frequently, I had to do what any desperate girl would do… I shaved my underarms and bikini area with a razor!!!

This is by far the worst thing you could do to yourself after getting waxed or sugared for so long. When my hair began to grow back (which seemed like the next day) it curled under, it was thick and darker, and there was more of it! It was absolutely disgusting and I will never do it again. It gave me more ingrown hairs than I could ever imagine.

So if you’re anything like me and are having conflicting schedules with your aesthetician, always have a back up person that can fit you in. In the end you’ll be doing yourself (and your guy friend) a huge favor. 😉


2 thoughts on “Beauty Confessions

  1. vanessa Bell says:

    Hi Missy! what do you reccomend for hair that grows under chin?

    • msbell22 says:

      Hi mommy! I recommend that you wax. I’m going to do my usual underarm and bikini wax on the 30th of June if you want to join me. It’s in downtown Olympia.

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