New Find!

Hello subscribers! Just thought I should start off this week by sharing with you my new found joy at my local Lacey Target. Now, I know most of you do not live near Lacey, WA so you probably already have these products at your local Target, but for me this is new and exciting!! We are now carrying natural hair products mainly for curly hair such as “Shea Moisture,” “Kinky Curly,” and “Curl Biz.”

I used to have to purchase my Shea Moisture from Wal-Greens but if you know me then you would know that I visit target at least four days a week which is another reason why I’m excited to finally be able to purchase my products all in one stop. Now I’m hoping they will start selling Miss Jessies or even Carol’s Daughter pretty soon. I will keep you posted if they add any new brands to the ethnic hair or skin care sections at    my local Target. They’re a little behind so it may be a while. ;).


2 thoughts on “New Find!

  1. lillian says:

    I love products that smell delish! You know, the kind that leaves a lingering scent when you walk by. What do these products smell like? What is the consistency of these creams? I love noodle head, and honestly nothing has compared. Suggestions?

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