Sparse eyebrows

Some of you may suffer from what I like to call the “sparse” or “over plucked” brow. There are a few factors that attribute to this. For some its going to the wrong aestitician, could be from DIY over plucking plus lack of experience or just plain old genetics. Over time I’ve learned to stop tweezing my own eyebrows and to go see a professional to get them threaded and because of that my eyebrows look 85% thicker.

If you’re over the thin question mark brows and want yours to grow thicker and fuller I have two secrets that can help get you  on your way. These secrets were suggested to me by my secret weapon (my eyebrow threader). First I was given almond oil to put on my eyebrows at night before I went to bed. I repeated this process for a little over a month and didn’t really notice a difference. So next she gave me castor oil to try and voila! That did the trick!

Castor oil is known to help thicken hair over time. Results can be seen in usually 3-4 weeks.  But if you chose to use it, beware to use it sparingly because it is of a thick, almost serum like consistency but the payoff is worth the goop. I will do a follow up post about all of the wonderful benefits of castor oil. Until then, please experiment for yourself as I would love to hear your results.


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