Studio Sculpt Foundation

So this is merely a random post. I’ve been using this studio Sculpt foundation for the past couple of days because my Dior foundation which I love at times looks a little too light. This foundation matches me better but I absolutely hate it! I don’t know if it’s because mine is old and has been sitting for over a year, but it looks like it sits on top of my skin like a mask, it highlights every line, crevice, and wrinkle in pictures, it smells horrid, it’s thick and slightly greasy. Now that I got the negative stuff out-of-the-way, I do like the consistency of it and it gives good coverage. I don’t even need a concealer when I use it.

This is just my experience and again it could be because I’ve had it for a while. If you’ve used this foundation or are considering it, please let me know how it works out for you.


4 thoughts on “Studio Sculpt Foundation

  1. missjeyonline says:

    Oh my…I’ve tried the studio sculpt too and I hate it! LOL..I still have a bit left and I mix it with my Mineralize skinfinish foundation spf15, which is THE BEST!
    I’ve tried studio fix, studio tech and studio sculpt. And when they launched the Mineralize skinfish foundation 1 year ago, I got hooked! It’s their BEST natural looking and flawless foundation ever and you don’t need a lot AT ALL!! It covers up like that! I finish it off with their Mineralize powder. I just love the MIneralize line, it’s amazing and looks AU NATURAL and FLAWLESS! xoxo, Jey.

    • msbell22 says:

      Thanks for Ur feedback. I’m going to back to mac mine. I normally use Dior nude and love it but the studio Sculpt is wack! So r u using the mineralize fluid? I think they now hv a mineralize powder foundation and a cream that comes n a compact. I’ll hv to try them out.

  2. missjeyonline says:

    I have the compact one :)! It’s my favorite so far!!

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