NARS Albatross

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I have found the love of my life! So once again I was in Sephora over the weekend. I originally was looking for a mascara and couldn’t help but notice the lady that was helping me had the prettiest highlighter on her upper cheek bones. I asked her what she was wearing and she pointed me in the direction of NARS Albatross highlighter. At first I thought she was mistaken because it’s the color white. But once you do a swatch it gives you a pretty luminous golden glow. The powder is finely milled so it won’t go on heavy or chunky and it is universally flattering. I incorporated a pic of Kimmy cakes because she wears it beautifully.


3 thoughts on “NARS Albatross

  1. missjeyonline says:

    WOW! Thanks for the tip, cause I’m still in the search of a perfect highlighter. I have the prep & prime by Mac, but that’s creamy. I’m looking for a powdery one. But is this the right color for a dark skinned girl like moi?

  2. typefashion says:

    I have a creamy one from benefit and it doesnt suit me ! this looks wow ! i wish there was a tutorial for this look!


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