Clinique “Emergency Gel-Lotion”

I received this as a sample from “Sephora” a few weeks back and haven’t had to use it until now. I have a blemish on the center of my face that is not going away and only seems to be getting darker and darker. So I cracked this sample open to help speed up the disappearing act and I’ve been using it for about three days now. What I like about it is that it’s not a gel, serum, or heavy sticky cream. It’s more like a lotion. It’s non-oily, goes on smooth, no bad smell, doesn’t turn your skin ashy or over dry it.

I like it because I can use it during the day under my regular moisturizer + primer + foundation + concealer + everything else (you get the picture). It contains Benzoyl Peroxide which helps fight acne.

I have yet to determine if it’s really working or not. If it does I will definitely buy the full-size product and recommend it to you all!


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