Yes to Blueberries!

Here is my first new find that I just purchased from Target for about $7+. I’ve seen the brand before at Target and Sephora and became interested once I read up on it in a magazine. It claimed to not only cleanse skin by removing dirt, oil, and makeup, but it also is supposed to brighten and nourish age-damaged skin. Haven’t tried this one yet because I’m not finished using my Pond’s makeup wipes. I will post an update once I crack these towelettes open.

So, I am back with the results. Tried these bad boys last night to remove my makeup and I must admit that I was not impressed. The packaging is fun and inviting but the actual towels are very thin, there wasn’t enough product on the towels to remove my makeup, and it was not quilted. I’m kind of disappointed because I wanted to like this. 😦 oh well, looks like I’ll be sticking with my Ponds “Quilted” makeup remover towels who never let me down. Like the saying goes, “If ain’t broke don’t fix it.”


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